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Valid for Sitecore 5.3
The Sitecore 5.3 Client Roles
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Sitecore provides browser-based interfaces used by many different types of users.  For example, an organization’s developers, administrators, content authors, business users, and translators all use the same Sitecore browser-based interfaces. 

Of course, not all these users have the same knowledge and skills.  Likewise, not all users need access all of Sitecore’s many features. It’s well known that extraneous features can be both confusing and dangerous when presented to the wrong users.  /upload/sdn5/articles 2/security/sitecoremenuroles01small.jpgTo help manage this reality, Sitecore 5.3 introduced the concept of Sitecore Client roles, each of which enables various areas of the Sitecore interfaces.  The default Sitecore Client roles include: 

This article describes the features enabled by each of these roles, plus two special roles:

The Sitecore Client Roles influence three major areas of the Sitecore interfaces:

This article presents information relating Sitecore Client roles to features in two ways:

This section includes high level descriptions of each role, plus the specific features it provides access to.

This section lists which role is required to have access to a specific feature.

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