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Valid for Sitecore 5.3
3.  Floating Toolbars
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The DeveloperCenter offers a number of floating (and “dockable”) toolbars.  You may open these toolbars via the View menu. 

/upload/sdn5/developer/developer center/floating_toolbars1.png

Below is the detailed description of each toolbar.

Content Explorer

The Content Explorer toolbar shows the content of a particular database, just like the Content Editor. Double-clicking on an item in the Content Explorer opens the item in a new Content Editor tab in the DeveloperCenter.

/upload/sdn5/developer/developer center/floating_toolbars2.png 

The Content Explorer includes a number of commands in a mini-toolbar at the top of the window.

/upload/sdn5/developer/developer center/floating_toolbars3.png   Select the database droplist to switch between the databases.

/upload/sdn5/developer/developer center/floating_toolbars4.png   Select the open command to edit the selected Item.

/upload/sdn5/developer/developer center/floating_toolbars5.png   Select the refresh command to refresh the content tree.

Media Library

The Media Library toolbar shows the content of a Media Library. Double-clicking on an Item in the Media Library docker window opens this item in a new Content Editor tab in DeveloperCenter

/upload/sdn5/developer/developer center/floating_toolbars6.png

Solution Explorer

The Solution Explorer toolbar allows browsing your renderings and layouts. It also allows you to drag-and-drop renderings and sublayouts onto open layouts and sublayouts. 

/upload/sdn5/developer/developer center/floating_toolbars7.png

Double-clicking on an item in the Solution Explorer opens the item in a new tab in the DeveloperCenter.


The Templates toolbar provides quick access to the existing templates and provides a command to create new templates. Double-clicking a template opens it in a new tab in the DeveloperCenter window. Clicking the New button (/upload/sdn5/developer/developer center/floating_toolbars8.png) opens the Create Template wizard. 

/upload/sdn5/developer/developer center/floating_toolbars9.png


The Toolbox toolbar displays available presentation components: renderings, sublayouts and placeholders. Drag and drop a component to add it to a layout or sublayout.  Items cannot be opened from the toolbox.

/upload/sdn5/developer/developer center/floating_toolbars10.png

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