Sitecore CDP

Access the latest documentation for Sitecore CDP, an intelligent customer data platform that connects and activates customer data across your ecosystem.

What's new

Learn about new business features and enhancements in Sitecore CDP user documentation. If you're a developer, read about updates to Sitecore CDP APIs and the Sitecore Engage SDK in CDP developer documentation.

CDP user documentation

View unified customer profiles

Access profiles to see real-time customer data, transactional history, and segment membership.

Run batch segmentation

Build custom segments at scale and speed using any attributes passed to Sitecore CDP.

View analytics dashboards

Review and analyze performance metrics including changes in segments, inbound traffic trends, and order data.

CDP developer documentation

Integrate with Sitecore CDP

Send data to Sitecore CDP using code samples and guides for the Sitecore Engage SDK.

Send events in real-time

Send events from any web-based app for use in experiments, analytics, and decisioning through the Stream API.

Send orders to Sitecore CDP

Learn the options for sending orders to Sitecore CDP, in real-time or offline, with or without an Order Management System.

Perform a data lake export

Export all your organization's data from Sitecore CDP data lake to Amazon S3 to analyze, interrogate, build and train analytical models.

Sync audiences

After building and exporting a segment, poll for finished jobs and files using Sitecore CDP REST API.

Send offline data to Sitecore CDP

Manage customers and offline orders using Sitecore Batch API.