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Overview of Sitecore CDP Batch API


Provides an overview, including of how and when to use the Sitecore CDP Batch API (Data model 2.0).

The Sitecore CDP Batch API supports the uploading of large amounts of data in an efficient manner to Sitecore CDP. You can use the Batch API to upload guests, orders, and tracking events which organizations can source in bulk from their internal systems, before sending to the Sitecore CDP platform for processing.

The Batch API supports asynchronous requests, meaning that multiple batch imports can be initiated in parallel, if required. Once a batch file has been submitted for processing, users can periodically check on the progress of the batch import, until the batch has been completely processed. You can interrogate the Batch API at any time to check the status of a batch that is being processed, and to view any success or failure messages which might be logged after the processed batch is complete.

Integration Engineers can use the Batch API to import large amounts of offline data in order to support:

  • Greater flexibility in guest segmentation

  • A more comprehensive single customer view

  • Higher sophistication of decision logic

You can access the Batch API using the same secure credentials that you use to access the Interactive REST APIs. You also need the Base URL and API endpoints.