Overview of the integration process for Sitecore CDP


A sequential integration process for the Sitecore CDP (Data model 2.0).

The boxever.js (js client) is a lightweight client that assigns a cookie to a user using the Sitecore Customer Data Platform (CDP) API, sends behavioral data to the Event API for processing and analysis, and then enables real-time personalization of a website by using the Interactive Flow Executions API.

The following outlines the Sitecore CDP integration process when you place a JavaScript tag on your website:

  1. The tag loads the .js client from the Sitecore CDP CDN.

  2. The .js client assigns a cookie to the user using the Browser API (Stream API suite).

  3. The tag captures behavioral data from your website.

  4. The tag sends behavioral data to the Event API (Stream API suite) using the .js client.

  5. The tag requests personalized content from Flow Execution API (Interactive API suite) using the .js client.