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Using Sitecore CDP data lake export service


Introduces using Sitecore CDP data lake export (Data model 2.0).

Sitecore CDP data lake export service copies all your organization's data from Sitecore CDP data lake to an exports folder in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). It contains all the data that your organization sends to Sitecore CDP through Sitecore CDP APIs.

The following are the benefits of using Sitecore CDP data lake export service to access or transfer all your organization's data:

  • Combine disparate datasets and analyze them with Sitecore CDP data to produce actionable insights.

  • Interrogate your organization's data in a flexible, secure manner.

  • Build and train analytical models.

  • Load the data in your organization's dashboards.

  • Access data quickly and cost-effectively through automated provisioning.

To enable business users in your organization to access the data from the Sitecore CDP data lake, a technical team member must prepare the infrastructure and transfer the exported data. This is typically someone in IT or operations. Sitecore CDP enables you to transfer all your organization's data from Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) to another Amazon S3 bucket or to your organization's own premises, using your preferred method.

After the data is transferred, data scientists, business analysts, or any other users with permissions can access the exported data. The exported files are of the Parquet file type, which can be easily loaded into databases and analytical models.