Authentication for Sitecore CDP Batch API


Provides information on authentication for the Sitecore CDP Batch API, including where to access the client key and API token (Data model 2.1).

Sitecore CDP supports Basic Authentication for the Sitecore CDP Batch API. You must send each request to the Sitecore CDP Batch API over HTTPS. HTTP is not supported.

An API token is a unique key that Sitecore provides your organization to authenticate your services.

You can obtain your client key and API token from Sitecore CDP by clicking Settings, API Access in the navigation pane.

The following cURL example includes the API_KEY_ID as the client key and the  API_KEY_SECRET as the API token:

curl -X GET https://{apiEndpoint}/v2/someCollection -u $YOUR_API_KEY_ID:$YOUR_API_KEY_SECRET -H 'Accept: application/json'

URLs are authenticated based on Amazon AWS S3 authentication. URLs are valid for one hour from when the request was made.


Avoid storing your Sitecore CDP and apiKey.secret in scripts that access the API.