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Boxever JavaScript Library release notes


Provides release notes for the Boxever JavaScript Library for Sitecore CDP (Data model 2.1).

The following table contains Boxever JavaScript Library releases for Sitecore CDP.


Release notes


Includes the optional web_flow_config setting that lets you disable the asynchronous loading of the Web Experiences library (lib.js) and/or defer script loading until the DOM is fully built. This is facilitated through the Boxever JavaScript Library. It loads version.js library to get the latest version and then loads lib.js library. This is only for organizations that use web experiments or web experiences in Sitecore Personalize.


Adds compatibility with v1.3 Browser Service. Removes support for Internet Explorer 11.


Includes the optional _boxever_settings.itp_cross_domain setting, which automatically applies the cross-domain setting only for Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) browsers, most commonly Safari. Also contains a bug fix for the _boxever_settings.cookie_expiry_in_days property to ensure the days attribute is honored for customized cookie expiry and local storage expiry.


If the _boxever_settings.cross_domain property is enabled, the _boxever_settings.cookie_domain is ignored. This applies to organizations that use cross-domain support, by ensuring that the browser does not reject the cookie if the domain setting does not match. See Using local storage and cookies for data capture.


Removes support of the eval() function from the Boxever JavaScript Library. The eval() function runs JavaScript code represented as a string, which might be a security risk. Removes support of Internet Explorer 8. Renames the init property to boxeverInit property to avoid potential naming conflicts with other libraries.


Adds the _boxever_settings.cookies_only property that provides the option to only set cookies and disable local storage for data capture. We do not recommend this for data capture. Local storage is now only set when it is being used. Previous to version 1.4.3, the Boxever JavaScript Library bootstrapped an empty object ({}) in localstorage with the intention of being written into.


Adds the _boxever_settings.cookie_expiry_in_days property that provides the option to customize cookie and local storage expiry.


Supports web optimization and experiences production releases.


Introduces local storage to work alongside cookies for data capture. This is to account for versions of Safari 12+ with Safari Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP), the privacy feature that allows the Safari web browser to block cookies in Safari 12+ versions.