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Using the locate guest data extension function in Sitecore CDP REST API


Provides details on locating guests using additional custom fields about the guest's identity in Sitecore CDP (Data model 2.1).

You can use the Guest REST API to perform the locate guest data extension function to return guest(s) using identifying information stored in a data extension. After you perform the  locate guest data extension function, you can use the guestRef included in the response to retrieve the full guest record.

To locate a guest using information from a data extension in the Sitecore CDP, use the following:

GET: https://apiEndpoint/v2/guests/guestRef/extdataExtensionName





The email addresses for the guest.



The data extension name.


The following is a cURL command for locating guests using data stored in a guest data extension:

$ curl -H "Accept: application/json" \

The following is the 200 response for locating guests using data stored in a guest data extension:

    "href": "https://{apiEndpoint}/v2/guests/9d94ee11-7043-4b71-980c-a777d00a7b46/extExt",
    "offset": 0,
    "limit": 10,
    "items": [{
        "href": "https://{apiEndpoint}/v2/guests/9d94ee11-7043-4b71-980c-a777d00a7b46/extPreferences/0349654D-5DB7-4103-8C9E-88953648EE1"

You can expand the collection resource when using the  locate guest data extension function. The following pagination parameters are not supported using the  locate guest data extension function:

  • offset

  • limit

  • support

You can use the following search parameters:

  • identifiers.provider