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What's new in Sitecore CDP


Describes new features released in Sitecore CDP.

The latest Sitecore CDP product news and updates.

Autumn 2022

You can now delete a guest using the Sitecore CDP app, if you have the proper role permissions. This is an alternative to programatically deleting a guest and helps your organization comply with Guest Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Summer 2022

  • In a big move toward self-serve, you can now configure your organization's identity rules in Sitecore CDP. You can do this after your organization's tenant is created and before you start sending events to Sitecore CDP. We recommend you familiarize yourself with identity resolution before you start.

    Viewing identity rules in Sitecore CDP
  • App redesign: we are in an ongoing process of updating our user interface design, applying a clean, cohesive look-and-feel that matches other products across the Sitecore suite, thereby providing a consistent experience when moving from one Sitecore application to another. As part of this process, the application now includes changes to design elements such as buttons, labels, fonts and product logos.

Spring 2022

  • Gain insights and value from your site interactions using the CDP dashboards. The dashboards allow you to deep dive into behavioral and traffic data, providing you with a comprehensive overview of conversions, orders, and revenue, as well as the ability to identify individual guest profiles of interest and analyze their behavior. Using the dashboards, you can:

    • Identify trends in sales and site visitor behavior using the Summary Report.

      Summary Report dashboard in Sitecore CDP.
    • Understand your traffic and the percentage of bot activity of that traffic, and learn about the types of bots that usually interact with your site.

      Suspected Bot Traffic report in Sitecore CDP.
    • Analyze individual web pages on your website, their performance, and relation to other site pages.