Identifying guests in Sitecore CDP


Provides a definition of guests and the different guest types that Sitecore CDP uses to categorize identified and anonymous site visitors.

A guest is any person that interacts with your brand, regardless of whether they are identified.

The guest is the core entity of Sitecore Customer Data Platform (CDP). Each guest has a unique guest profile that contains all relevant transactional and behavioral data that is ingested by the Sitecore CDP APIs.

The data available in the guest profile depends on your organization's requirements.

Some organizations pass a guest's identifying information to Sitecore CDP, such as first and last name, as well as email address. Other organizations do not pass PII data to Sitecore CDP but rely on a browser reference, guest reference, or other Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) to identify the guest.

Organizations that pass PII to Sitecore CDP, attempt to identify guests using identity rules. Each organization has their own set of identity rules, such as first name, last name, and email address. The following are the guest types:

  • Customer

    A customer is a guest that has provided enough identity information, or if they have not, they are a contact on an order.

  • Traveller

    A traveller is a guest who is a consumer of a flight order but has not provided enough identifiable information, usually because they did not purchase the ticket. Only flight organizations use the traveller guest type.

  • Visitor

    A visitor is a guest who has not provided enough identity information or has provided partial identity information but not enough to meet the organization's identity rules.

  • Retired

    A retired guest profile is archived because it contained data that was migrated to another guest profile. You cannot access a retired guest profile.