Using segments within Sitecore CDP


Describes where and how segments can be used within Sitecore CDP.

After you build a segment and wait 24 hours for it to process, you can use it within Sitecore CDP, as follows:

  • Audience sync - combine clickstream, behavioral, historical, and offline data to create audiences and seamlessly export to Google Ads or Facebook using Sitecore CDP APIs. This ensures your organization uses first-party segments, which eliminates the need for third-party systems and protects the privacy of your customers. 

  • Web experiments - trigger an offer on your website and configure it to target a specific segment. For example, target guests under 30 who have visited the Trending Now webpage on your retail site, have searched two or more times in the last week for shoes, and have not purchased in the past year.

  • Triggered experiments - efficiently target audiences in email campaigns. For example, send a hotel offer related to a sporting event to a segment of value-driven customers who are traveling to the host city within a specific time period and have been recently searching for a low-cost hotel to book.

  • Data interrogation - interrogate any attribute or value to see the exact number and percentage of your customer base. For example, it might be widely known that there is a disproportionate number of sunglasses purchased from your retail site that are designed for males. Interrogating the data can reveal that this audience is equally made up of females and males under 40, from a certain region, and have purchased at least once in the past six months.

  • Decision models - use a segment as input in a decision model to determine the next best offer or action. For example, use a segment of high-value customers in a particular region to determine which product to recommend. You can target this audience further based on the individual guest's recent searches, customer lifetime value, previous orders, and propensity score to buy the particular product.