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Compose a webhook for a triggered experiment


Describes how to send personalized data to an external destination for a triggered experiment (Sitecore Personalize).

To get started creating a triggered experiment you must choose a destination to send the personalized data. This is typically to an external destination such as an Email Service Provider (ESP).

To compose a webhook:

  1. On the Build screen, on the Webhook Composer block, click Add. The Create a Variant screen displays.

  2. Click the name of the connection to send the output of the triggered experiment. For example, if you are configuring an Abandoned Cart email message, click the Email Service Provider (ESP) that distributes the email messages.


    The destination connection must be set up by a user with the Enterprise Admin role.

  3. Click Next. The API editor displays.

  4. Finally, you must compose the API response for a triggered experiment to include any offers, content or personalization you want sent to the webhook destination.