Configure predefined values in an input column in a decision table


How to configure predefined string values in an input column, for example, when you want to add repetitive values (Sitecore Personalize).

Often, when you add string values to an input column, you add the same values on multiple rows. To speed up the addition of repetitive values, you can add predefined values if you configure an input column to use guest data and select string as the type of allowed value. Then, when you add additional rows to the decision table, you can select from a predefined list of string values. This can also help reduce typing errors made when entering string values.

To configure predefined string values in an input column:

  1. Configure an input column that uses guest data.

  2. From the Decision Table tab, click the Predefined Values toggle.

  3. In the Decision Table, click the Add Predefined Values link. An editable text box displays for you to enter the predefined values.


    The Add Predefined Values link only displays if you configured the input column to use guest data and selected string as the type of allowed value.

  4. Enter the predefined values. Use a comma to separate each value.

  5. When you have finished entering vales, press Enter.


    Later, when you start to add rules, you can select the check box next to any of the predefined values you want to include as input in the rule. You are not restricted to the options that display, you can always manually type in a value.

  6. If you want to edit the list of predefined values, click the list of predefined values that displays beneath the column header. A table of predefined values displays.

  7. To add a predefined value to the list, type the name of the value at the top of the list and press Enter.

  8. To delete a predefined value from the list, click the red Trash icon. Any rules that use the predefined value remain unchanged.