Connecting Sitecore Personalize to an external system


Provides an overview to connecting Sitecore Personalize to a data system, analytical model, or external destination (Sitecore Personalize).

Sitecore Personalize enables you to use analytical models in decision model variants such as propensity models, forecast models, and outlier models to name a few. This provides the ability to use the latest machine learning technologies as input in a decision table or programmable decision. You can also use a data system in a decision model variant which is an external system that contains dynamic data.

To enable this functionality, a user with the enterprise admin role in Sitecore Personalize must set up a connection to the data system or analytical model platform. This is required in order for users to select the data system or analytical model to connect to when they configure a decision model variant.

If you are creating a triggered experiment, you must set up a connection to the destination where you want to send the personalized data, such as an Email Service Provider (ESP).