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Enable optimized testing


How to enable optimized testing for an experiment after it has started (Sitecore Personalize).

You might be running an experiment using manual traffic allocation, and you want to switch to AI-based traffic allocation. For example, you might realize after the experiment starts that it does not require the rigor of an A/B test. Or perhaps the test is taking too long to reach statistical significance and you want to start optimizing conversions using a multi-armed bandit approach. It is for these exceptional circumstances that you can enable optimized testing to switch from manual traffic allocation to AI-based traffic allocation. If you do this, Sitecore Personalize dynamically serves traffic to the best-performing variant(s) once you re-start the experiment.

Considerations to make before enabling optimized testing:

  • You must pause the experiment to enable optimized testing. Re-starting the experiment starts a completely new experiment and all previous data is lost.

  • You must use a binary goal as your primary goal. If you try to re-start the experiment using a continuous goal, Sitecore Personalize displays an error.

To enable optimized testing:

  1. From the Build screen, click Pause at the top of the screen. A confirmation window displays.

  2. Click Yes, Pause. The experiment is paused.

  3. In the Personalization section, click the Allocation percentage field. The Distribution slider modal displays.

  4. In the Optimise this AB Test section, select Yes. The traffic allocation fields are hidden.

  5. If your primary goal is continuous, you must change your primary goal to binary. Sitecore Personalize calculates variant performance based on the primary binary goal you add to the web or interactive experiment.

  6. Re-start the experiment. The Variants section displays Auto-Optimization Enabled to indicate that you are using AI-based traffic allocation.

    You can view analytics within 24 hours of starting the experiment.