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Managing points of sale in Sitecore Personalize


Overview of how you can set up points of sale in Sitecore Personalize.

If you are assigned an Enterprise User Manager or Enterprise Admin role in Sitecore Personalize, you can add new Points of Sale (POS) to the application.

A POS is a specific storefront that your organization sells products. For example, your organization might have a Spanish website that sells products in Spain, that differs from another of your organization's websites that sells products in France, under a different brand.

You can add a POS to represent each of your organization's storefronts to help you track conversion rates, view order attribution, and perform cross-analytics. You can add a separate POS for each storefront you want to track.

Setting up a POS has the following advantages:

  • Designate the POS on which you want an experience to run - when creating an experience, you can specify the POS for which you want the experience to run.

  • Use POS attributes as input in a decision model - include POS attributes within a Decision Model Variant to determine the next best action or next best offer. For example, you can use the pos.language, pos.timeoutInMinutes,, and pos.brand as logic when writing a rule in Sitecore Personalize.

  • Create a subscription list for each POS - use the POS when managing subscription lists in order to comply with laws and regulations.

  • Use the POS as a condition for triggering an experience - you can set a condition that an experience only triggers for a certain POS. For example, you can set up a condition to only trigger an experience if the POS is your French retail site.