Preview a web experiment


Describes how to test and preview a web experiment on your organization’s website (Sitecore Personalize).

Sitecore Personalize enables you to test and preview a web experiment to see how it will display on your organization’s website.

You can choose to preview the web experiment using your own credentials or you can select a different guest to apply their credentials. Selecting a guest other than yourself is especially useful if the variant is targeted at a segment of guests. You might not be a member of the targeted segment, so the variant will not launch for you until you apply another guest's credentials.


The web experiment is only visible to you. To share the preview URL with a colleague or anyone else, click the Copy preview URL icon on the banner of the QA Tool. The URL of the preview is copied to your clipboard. Paste the URL into email messages, work chat groups, and so on to gather feedback from colleagues and stakeholders.

To preview a web experiment:

  1. From the Draft status banner, click Preview. A URL window displays.

  2. Enter the URL of the webpage that the web experiment is targeted to display, for example:


    If you configured the experiment to target a page and used the Equals operator, you must manually remove any query parameters appended to the URL for the preview to display.

  3. To preview the web experiment as a different guest instead of using your own attributes, select the Include Guest in Preview link. A search field displays.

  4. Enter the guest's email address, guest reference, or browser ID and select the guest from the results. If you applied audience targeting to the variant, you must select a guest with the required guest attributes to run the experience.


    If you want to search for the guest using their browser ID, you must preface the browser ID with bid:, as shown in the following example: bid:56860bff-94ba-4d84-aa37-2b5a83d5411b

  5. Click Go. The page URL you entered previously opens in your default browser.

    Previewing a web experiment.
  6. Click the QA icon to open the QA Tool.

    The QA Tool is represented by the QA icon on the left side. A green checkmark indicates the web experiment preview is error-free. A yellow wrench icon indicates the web experiment needs troubleshooting. You can also preview other variants and experiments. To preview the variant using another guest's attributes:

    • Click the Run as a specific guest icon on the banner of the QA Tool. The Run as Guest toggle button displays.

    • In the Guest Reference field, enter the guest reference.

    • Click Reload. The QA Tool tests and previews the variant based on the attributes of the entered guest reference.

  7. To view the JSON response, click the toggle switch on the API Response status block. The JSON response displays.

  8. To reset any QA Tool settings, such as the guest reference you entered, click the Reset button. The QA Tool reloads.