Target a segment in a web experiment


How to apply a segment to a web experiment to control which decision model is invoked on a page according to segment membership (Sitecore Personalize).

A common scenario for applying a segment to a web experiment is to control which decision model is invoked on a certain page according to segment membership. Your organization must have a Sitecore CDP license to use this feature.

For example, there might be many different types of guests visiting your homepage. These guests can be categorized into various segments, such as frequent purchasers, high spenders, and loyalty members. If you have many decision models, each catering for a specific segment, you might have to run any of those decision models on your homepage.

To meet this requirement, you can create a unique web experiment for each decision model, and target the correct audience by designating the appropriate segment. When a guest visits your organization's homepage, only the web experiment targeted for their segment runs. This also results in only one decision model being called, ensuring optimal performance for your website.

To target a segment:

  1. From the Build screen, in the Audience block, click Add. The Audience slider modal displays.

  2. Click Add next to the segment you want to apply. The experiment only runs for guests who are members of the selected segment and whose user behaviors match what is defined in the JavaScript for the real-time audience, if applicable.