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Targeting audiences in a triggered experiment


Overview of the different ways to target a triggered experiment at an audience (Sitecore Personalize).

There are a few different ways of targeting a triggered experiment at an audience, depending on whether you want to use real-time data from the session, apply a prebuilt segment, or both:

  • If your organization uses Sitecore CDP, you can target the experiment at a specific audience by applying a segment. The experiment only includes guests that are a member of the selected segment(s). Sitecore CDP updates segments every 24 hours on a nightly basis.

  • If you want to target the experiment at a real-time audience but you are not familiar with JavaScript, you can apply an audience template. An audience template is a saved real-time audience. This enables you to apply server-side JavaScript functionality to determine the guests to include. If the creator of the audience template configured a form to display, you can further configure the real-time audience by completing the form. No need to write, edit, or view JavaScript.

  • If you are familiar with JavaScript and want to use a real-time audience for a one-off use, you can build a real-time audience.


You can target both a segment and a real-time audience in the same experiment. Segments are updated every 24 hours, but real-time audiences use real-time session information and other attributes that can change frequently between sessions, such as search behavior.