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Test the API response for an interactive experiment


Describes how to test the API response as you compose it for an interactive experiment (Sitecore Personalize).

The most useful time to test the API response is when you compose the API response in the API editor. You can, however, test it anytime from the Draft status banner by clicking Test and then clicking the API Response button.

To test the API response:

  1. Click the API menu item.


  2. From the API editor window, click the Preview API button.

    The Preview API window displays.

  3. Enter a Guest's email address to test against and select the guest from the results.

    The guest request displays. You can view the guest attributes that are available to include in the API response. This is especially useful if you're including guest attributes as parameters in the API Response, and want to verify you're entering the correct path.

  4. Click the Send Request button.

    The guest attributes display in the Response>Guest editor.

  5. Click the Response tab.

    This displays the attributes that Sitecore Personalize returns based on the experiment executing against the specific guest. You can check here to see if the API is responding with all the attributes you require, such as the guest's currency and point of sale.

  6. Click Close.