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Use advanced allocation in a web experiment


Describes how to assign guests to bucket ranges for each variant using advanced allocation (Sitecore Personalize).

Sitecore Personalize enables you to apply a more sophisticated allocation where you can assign guests to bucket ranges for each variant.

To apply advanced allocation:

  1. On the Build screen, click the Edit Distribution link. The Distribution slider modal displays.

  2. Click the Switch to Advanced link.

  3. Move each end of the slider to set the number and the range of buckets that you want to assign guests. This sets the available bucket range that you can assign variants. There is a maximum of 120 buckets. Guests in buckets that you do not select, do not enter the test.

    Distribution slider for allocating guests to variants using buckets.
  4. In the range fields, enter the bucket range for each variant.

  5. To exclude traffic from a variant, select the Exclude checkbox.

  6. Click Save. You return to the Build screen.