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Use basic allocation in a web experiment


Describes how to to use percentages to determine guest allocation to variants in a web experiment (Sitecore Personalize).

If you want to use percentages to determine guest allocation to variants, you apply basic allocation. If you want to use more sophisticated allocation where you can select specific bucket ranges for each variant, use advanced allocation.

To apply basic allocation to variants:

  1. On the Build screen, click the percentage fields on any of the Variant blocks. The Distribution slider modal displays.

  2. In the respective percentage fields, enter the percentage of guests that you want to be exposed to each variant.

    Distribution slider for defining traffic distribution.
  3. If you have several variants and you want to distribute traffic evenly between the variants, click Distribute Evenly.


    The traffic is split evenly amongst the variants, using whole percentages. Audience distribution is in whole percentages, not decimal percentages. For example, if you have three variants, and you click  Distribute Evenly, variant 1 is set to 34%, and the two others to 33%, in order to total 100%. If you apply basic allocation, audience distribution must always equal 100%.

  4. Click Save. You return to the Build screen.