Web templates


Overview of web templates, which marketers can use to create web experiences without code (Sitecore Personalize).

Web templates enable marketers to create web experiences without code. Technical team members create the web templates, so marketers can focus on the creative, content, and overall user experience.

When a technical team member creates a web experience, they have full control over HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and FreeMarker. After a web template is published, any user can use a web template to provide the following:

  • Plug and play, create a web experience or experiment from a template in minutes.

  • Quickly post operational messages, Covid-19 updates, limited-time offers, delays, and so on.

  • No editing code for marketers, optionally add configurable parameters.

  • Populate dynamic-data from decision models, recommenders, analytical models, and so on.

  • Populate the web template with real-time contextual data from Sitecore Personalize.

  • Ensure consistent branding for all your organization's web experiences.

  • Preview the web experience with the completed form on your organization's website.

  • See the image and content render on the web experience while you complete the form, as shown in the following image.

A web template rendering form content.