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What's new in Sitecore Personalize


Describes new features released in Sitecore Personalize.

The latest product news and updates to Sitecore Personalize.

Autumn 2022

You can now delete a guest using the Sitecore Personalize app, if you have the proper role permissions. This helps your organization comply with Guest Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Summer 2022

  • App redesign: we are in an ongoing process of updating our user interface design, applying a clean, cohesive look-and-feel that matches other products across the Sitecore suite, thereby providing a consistent experience when moving from one Sitecore application to another. As part of this process, the application now includes changes to design elements such as buttons, labels, fonts and product logos.

Spring 2022

  • Gain insights into experiments using the experiment dashboards. Experiment dashboards complement performance analytics. Use them to fine-tune your experiments and enhance their performance. For example, experiment dashboards can show you:

    • Average session duration, average number of views, and average number of searches in web and interactive experiments.

    • Variant performance in a triggered experiment for three preconfigured goals - conversions, value, and revenue.

    • Customer feedback, NPS, and CSAT scores.

      Negative and positive word clouds showing customer feedback in the Voice of the Customer dashboard in Sitecore Personalize.
  • Monitor platform health and debug specific events using the Event Debug screen. This can be especially useful when you notice issues or changes in regular platform activity.

  • Optimize testing of experiments by switching from manual traffic allocation to AI-based traffic allocation, even if you have already started your experiment. If you do this, Sitecore Personalize runs the experiment with optimized testing enabled.

    Performance analytics for experiment with optimized testing.