Create a media item

You can use Content Hub ONE to manage a central repository of assets (such as logos, banner images, and photos). After you upload an asset, it becomes a media item in Content Hub ONE and is added to the Media page. You can then use it in the content you create. Each media item is assigned a status.


The following file formats are supported: gif, jpeg, jpg, png, webp.

To create a media item:

  1. On the menu bar, click Media.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Click Upload assets, select the assets you want to upload, and click Open.
    • Drag the assets you want to upload onto the Media page.

    Assets are uploaded to Content Hub ONE, where they are used to create media items. Finished uploads are shown in the Uploads complete drawer. You can upload a maximum of 50 assets at a time.

  3. Optionally, edit the media item name or description.

  4. Optionally, publish the media item to make it available immediately.


Each new media item is assigned a unique ID, which cannot be changed.


You can open any successfully uploaded asset from the drawer by clicking Open in new tab icon..

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