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You can create content by selecting a content type and then completing the various fields that define that type of content. Some fields might require you to enter some text; some might prompt you to select a media file such as the hero image for a hotels page; others might ask you to choose from a list of predefined values such as category tags.

When you have finished creating the content, you can save it as a draft. You can then either publish it immediately or keep it as a draft until it is ready for publication.


Required fields are indicated by asterisks. Fields might have help text to provide guidance. For fields that have a character limit, a character counter is displayed above the field.

To create content:

  1. On the menu bar, click Content.

  2. On the Content page, click + Add content.

  3. In the Add content dialog, do one of the following:

    • In the Content type field, enter the name of a content type and then select it. As you type, the list of content types is filtered to match what you enter.
    • Click the arrow next to the Content type field and, in the drop-down list, click a content type.

    Content type search field.

  4. Click Continue.

  5. Enter a name for the new content item in the Name field. The default name at the top of the page updates to what you have entered.

    Content type example.

  6. Fill in the remaining fields as required.

  7. Where applicable, format the text using the buttons on the toolbar.

  8. To add media items, do any of the following:

    • Click Add existing media and, in the Choose assets dialog, select the media items you want to add and then click Add Selection.

    • Click Upload new media and select the media files you want to upload and then click Open.

  9. To add reference content, do any of the following:

    • Click Add existing content and, in the Choose content dialog, click the content items you want to add and then click Add Selection.

    • Click Create new content and choose the content type.

  10. To reposition a content item, click the Drag icon. icon and drag it to a new position.

  11. Click Save.

    The status is DRAFT and you can make edits later on as required.

  12. Optionally, to publish your changes for delivery, click Publish.

    This sets the status to PUBLISHED. You can edit published content, but must re-publish it to see your changes. You can also unpublish content while you make changes, and then re-publish it when the changes are complete.


For a full list of fields, parameters, and technical limitations, see the data model.

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