Getting started

Current version: 3.3

You can use the Web Client SDK by adding a new NuGet package source then importing the Web SDK NuGet into your projects.

Set up NuGet feed

The Web Client SDK packages are available on the following public feeds:

The NuGet V3 feed URL (Visual Studio 2015+):

Add the appropriate NuGet feed to your Visual Studio package sources to pull in any of the packages. For more information, please see Package sources.

Set up the project

  1. Create a new project in Visual Studio (Code). The project can be either a console application or an Azure Function App. In the following examples, we will be using a .NET Core 2.1 console application.

  2. Add the Web Client SDK NuGet package (Stylelabs.M.Sdk.WebClient) to your project. For more information about adding a Nuget package, please see Install and manage packages in Visual Studio.

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