Choose an integration tool

Users often ask when they should use scripts and when they should use the Microsoft Azure functionality.

Here are the essential points to consider:

  • You cannot use scripts to connect to other systems.

  • Scripts have certain restrictions. Check Script restriction and switch to an Azure function or external integration/code if necessary.


The SDK makes the REST API readily available and easy to use in the language for which the SDK is built.

  • If you are using C# and JavaScript, then you should use the SDK.

  • If you are using another language, you should write your own implementation for the REST API.

  • Use the REST API/SDK if you want to connect to Sitecore Content Hub. It is not meant as a delivery mechanism, so you should not use it to perform a live integration. Indeed, Sitecore Experience Edge for Content Hub is available for that very reason and supports the requirements of a delivery mechanism.

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