Get started

External integration through Web Client SDK

To configure the NuGet feed for external integrations through the Web Client SDK, follow the instructions in the Get started section of the Web Client SDK. Then, add a reference to the Stylelabs.M.Sdk.Fluent package to your project.

Instantiate the Fluent SDK

Since the Fluent SDK builds on top of the existing Web Client SDK it requires a configured instance of the IWebMClient. See the authentication documentation of the Web SDK for an explanation on how to get an authentication IWebMClient instance.


IWebMClient client = MClientFactory.CreateMClient(endpoint, grant);
FluentClient fluentClient = new FluentClient(client);

Internal integration in scripts

The Fluent SDK can be used in scripts within Content Hub out-of-the-box.

Instantiate the Fluent SDK


FluentClient fluentClient = new FluentClient(MClient);

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