Script auditing

Scripts have a reporting channel that can be viewed in the Scripts page, under the Auditing tab:

Auditing reporting channel on the scripting page

The Auditing option provides the Audit details of:

  • Timestamp

  • Severity

  • ID

  • User ID

  • Event type

  • Script name

  • Script content

  • Target ID

  • Target identifier

  • Execution time (ms)

  • Execution source

Script auditing details

The Audit can be downloaded via the Download button:

download button on script auditing

The Auditing report can be downloaded with parameters of a DateTime from and to option:

Download options in scripting audit

After choosing a date, the user must also select a time:

Select a date time

If left blank, no filter will be the user will receive a download of all audit events.

The Auditing report is downloaded in a zipped folder with the contents in a JSON format:

Audit logs downloaded in json format

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