Script logging

Sitecore Content Hub users can log information from within the scripts by selecting a logging level (in the UI) and using the appropriate logging operations.

Select a minimum log level

The minimum log level can be selected using the Script User Interface on the script edit page. By default, the minimum log level is not set and displays None. This defaults to the Info log level in the SDK.

To select a minimum log level:

  1. In the script interface, edit the General settings by clicking on the Edit icon.

  2. Select the minimum log level.

  3. Save the changes.


When using scripting, it is not possible to change the minimum log level on the default IMClient.Logger. Change the minimum log level from the UI instead.


The maximum limit of log entries per script is 50.

Viewing logs

Scripting logs can be viewed by pressing View logs button on the overview page or the script details page.

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