The user can follow-up the goal of the publications by calculating the Impact based on the number of actions on the content:

  • Views
  • Clicks
  • Shares
  • Likes
  • Comments

However, Impact can be a calculated score. The value of Impact is generated from the following pre-defined weighting:

Number of ActionsWeighting
Number of Reachesmultiply by 5
Number of Clicksmultiply by 10
Number of Sharesmultiply by 50
Number of Likesmultiply by 20
Number of Commentsmultiply by 30

This weighting calculation occurs so long as the user manually overrides the Impact.

If the user manually inputs an Impact, this is returned. Otherwise, the Impact is the sum of the weighted values:

if (impactProperty.IsDirty) return;

var reaches = entity.GetPropertyValue<long>("Publication.Reach") * 5;
var clicks = entity.GetPropertyValue<long>("Publication.Clicks") * 10;
var shares = entity.GetPropertyValue<long>("Publication.Shares") * 50;
var likes = entity.GetPropertyValue<long>("Publication.Likes") * 20;
var comments = entity.GetPropertyValue<long>("Publication.Comments") * 30;

var impact = reaches + clicks + shares + likes + comments;

This weighting can be amended from the Scripts under Manage. The weighting for Impact is found in CMP - M.Usage - Impact:


Once opened the weighting values can be amended in the script. Click on the Edit button. to open the script for editing:

Impact script click on edit to amend.

In this example, the value of Reaches has been changed from 5 to 15. When the amendments have been completed, click on Save changes button.and then on Build buttonton..

Impact script click on edit to amend.

The build output begins:

Build button.

If the build output is Successful, click on Publish button..

Build successful click on publish.

Prior to updating the script, the Impact of a publication can be checked in the Content administration page under Manage > Entities.

Impact in entities.

The Impact in the this table reflects the original weighting before the change:

Number of ActionsWeighting
1 Reach5
1 Click10
1 Share50
1 Like20
1 Comment30

Clearing the cache and re-checking the Impact will display the change:

Number of ActionsWeighting
1 Reach15
1 Click10
1 Share50
1 Like20
1 Comment30

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