Sitecore Content Hub backend services apply throttling to provide consistent performance across all services. When the backend is receiving too many requests, it returns responses with the Status code 429 (Too Many Requests).


Throttling is not a license-related limitation.

To optimize your queries to Content Hub:

  • Make sure that a rate limit of 15 calls per second (per API integration user) is respected.

  • Use the WebSDK, which has embedded throttling, over the REST API (for which you have to code the retry mechanism yourself).

  • If required, modify the Content Hub WebSDK built-in retry policy. By default, any call returning an HTTP 429 response is retried nine times. You can modify the RetryCount property of the retry policy as required.

  • Establish a retry after logic when you use the API. Group your requests into batches and take action when you receive an HTTP 429 response.

  • Create dedicated API users for each integration to detect which one is overloading your platform or generating errors. If you have a sizeable integration (with multiple components), divide it into blocks and create a dedicated API user per block.

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