Current version: 3.2

Sitecore Content Hub™ provides a 360° view of all your marketing content and processes.

Within Content Hub, the Sitecore Marketing Resource Management (MRM)™ module supports all your processes around content. It covers, for example, the creation of new content, localization, and re-use. It also covers different types of collaboration, such as creating product copies and unique selling points (USP), collaboration with translation agencies, photoshoots, layouts, video, interactive, and more.

Content Hub supports many content types, ranging from common types like assets and products to more specific types like customer cases or recipes. You can use all these content types in Sitecore MRM™, either as the input for a collaboration process, or as the deliverable to work on.

Plan, produce and publish

As shown in the following diagram, Sitecore MRM covers the end-to-end process, from high-level planning to detailed production, including content and publication development, and at the end, the publication of final materials.

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