Sitecore Content Hub

Current version: 3.4

This section provides documentation for the different modules in Sitecore Content Hub.

Sitecore DAM

With Sitecore Digital Asset Management (DAM), you can:

  • Centralize photos, layouts, artwork, video, 3D, source files, and more.
  • Categorize and search high volumes of material quickly and easily.
  • Leverage artificial intelligence (AI) for automated content tagging and image sourcing for reuse.
  • Share your saved collections of assets with other users.
  • Metadata, digital rights management (DRM), security, and global distribution supported.

Sitecore PCM

With Sitecore Product Content Management (PCM), you can:

  • Centralize and automate the management and maintenance of all your customer-facing brand content (assets, descriptions, specifications, SKUs, etc.).
  • Manage access, real-time update and publication of your product-related content across channels.
  • Create relationships with all relevant objects in your content.

Sitecore CMP

With Sitecore Content Marketing Platform (CMP), you can:

  • Plan, manage and collaborate effectively on your content strategy.
  • Streamline production by working on simultaneous task streams with different content stakeholders.
  • Optimize your content usage and distribution to target audiences across all channels.
  • Improve your content visibility and governance.

Sitecore MRM

With Sitecore Marketing Resource Management (MRM), you can:

  • Plan and schedule complex, multi-layered marketing activities.
  • Align your marketing teams, processes, effectiveness, and outcomes.
  • Empower marketing operations management and support their success.
  • Offer each team member features tailored to their role.
  • Streamline collaboration between internal and external teams.

Sitecore Content Publisher

With the Sitecore Content Publisher, you can:

  • Create and control central customizable templates.
  • Convert graphics into smart templates.
  • Generate custom printable product sheets using all your available content.
  • Enforce brand guidelines even outside your organization.

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