Apply preset filters

The filters available on the Filters tab use taxonomies based on the relations and entity definitions configured for your Sitecore Content Hub instance.

Filters tab on the Assets page

You can use these filters to limit page content based on selected crieria such as a file type. The following preset filters are available.

Filter Available for ... Filters based on ...
Asset media Assets Media type.
Usage rights Assets Usage rights defined as part of digital rights management.
Audience Content The campaign audience (for example, Health focus, Sporty).
Campaigns Content The campaign name.
Content type Content The type of content (for example, Blog, Recipe, Email)
Region Content The region (for example, Worldwide, Canada, Belgium.)
Type Content Type of item (for example, asset or fragment).
User Content Type of user (for example, Superuser, Administrator).
Localization Content, Project content Localization value of the items (for example, en-US, de-DE).
Global status Content, Project content Global status of the items (for example, New, Approved, or Rejected).
Brand Products Product brand (for example, Powerful, Fruitful, Healthful).
Product category Products Product category (for example, Snacks, Beverages, Cereals).
Product family Products Product family (for example, Heathful Chips, Fruitful Leomade, Powerful Granola).
Product status Products Flow status (for example, Approved, UnderReview, Created).
Assignment Tasks The selected value (for example, Assigned to me or Created by me.
Priority Tasks The selected priority (for example, Blocker, Critical, Major, or Trivial.
Status Tasks The selected task status (for example, Assigned, In progress, Done, Canceled, Declined, or Waiting.
Task type Tasks Selected task type.
Time Tasks Overdue status.
User Tasks Assigned users. Only tasks where the selected user is an assignee are included.

When you select a filter, the page content is updated to show only those items with the selected filter value. If a filter subset exists (for example, a Documents filter has a filter subset with .docx, .pdf, and .pptx), you can further refine the page content by selecting a value in the filter subset.

Multi-select facets have a selection indicator that shows how many options you have selected.

To filter page content:

  1. On the Content Hub page (for example, Assets, Content Search, Project content), click the Filters tab.

  2. On the Filters tab, do one of the following:

    • To apply a preset filter, click the filter name (for example, Images, Videos).
    • To apply a filter property if available (for example, Documents), click the arrow next to the filter name and select the additional property you want to filter on (for example, docx, pdf, pptx).


To remove all active filters, click Clear all.