Content usage and impact

Current version: 4.2

With the Content usage and impact tracking feature, you can track the use and impact of published entities. This lets you:

  • Know exactly where assets and content items are used by other systems.
  • Track and calculate impact metrics (aggregated or per-channel) about published assets and content items. You can also compare the impact of different entities (for example, campaigns) within Content Hub.

You can use the Content usage and impact feature with connectors such as the Salesforce connector and the Sitecore Connect for Content Hub connector. With connectors, when a user inserts an entity using a public link, a new Where-used entity is created in Content Hub to track all the remote changes that occur to the entity.

The impact value can be:

  • Manual - where you enter a value in the Impact field on the Details tab of the content details page. You can edit this field at any point in the lifespan of the content.

  • Calculated - where an impact value is automatically calculated using default metrics when the content item is published and added to Sitecore CMP publications. If you enter a value in the Impact field, the calculation is not used. You can modify the default weightings used to calculate the impact value if you have the necessary permissions. See Impact Script.

In campaigns, the Total impact value reflects the number of content items associated with the campaign.

Impact shown in campaigns.

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