Manage content

Using the Sitecore Content Marketing Platform (CMP), you can manage campaigns as well as plan, author, collaborate, curate, localize, and distribute various types of content (such as blog posts, white papers, emails, social media posts, and recipes). Automatic version control tracks every version of content and every associated revision, but not the metadata. This makes it possible to adapt content and campaigns from one language to another and to use existing content for a different purpose.

Content moves through defined workflows from ideation to creation and then to publication, before finally being archived.

Content is organized around the following categories.

Category Description
Work Overview of tasks assigned to the current user and status of the content in relation to the Ideation flow or CMP flow.
Search Comprehensive full-text search ability as well as filtering capabilities.
Calendar An overview of content based on publication date.
Strategy The marketing objectives in the form of Who, What, When, Where, and Why. Includes brief assets. Shows the story points assigned or calculated for a content item.
Ideas The beginning of the ideation process that leads to content creation.
Campaigns Content grouped around a common theme and organized in a campaign calendar. Campaign performance and KPIs are collected and displayed on the Reporting page.
Content collections Entity that brings together content items that have a common property or purpose.
Reporting A high-level overview CMP content and metrics to determine use and impact.