Sitecore Content Publisher

The Sitecore Content Publisher makes the design process more efficient so that you can produce graphics at scale, save time on the design and production of multiple graphic variants, and ensure brand compliance so you can generate ready-to-go output files for both print and digital.


The Sitecore Content Publisher uses the Chili publishing engine and is integrated into Sitecore Content Hub and the print module publications workflow.

The Sitecore Content Publisher has two main components:

  • Publications - provide several benefits including Scaling (where less time and effort is spent on account management), Personalization (using user designs within a protected smart template), and Automation (reducing the need for individual design work).

  • Templates - let you convert static graphics into smart templates, which blend design decisions, document intelligence, brand guidelines, and automation into a flexible, easy-to-customize template. These smart templates give access to customizable designs.


Cloudflare is used for geo-redundency with the Sitecore Content Publisher.