Entity history This functionality requires elevated permissions

The Entity history component can be used on an entity details page to present a variety of historical information about an asset, including its file history and a technical log of its metadata.


The component includes a More options More Actions icon menu that lets users perform the following actions on a file:

ActionDescriptionAvailable on
Set as masterThe file becomes the master file and is identified with the icon master icon. Non-master files
Download originalDownload the original file.All files
Show full screenPreview the file in full screen.All files
Compare to masterSide-by-side comparison of the file with the master file.Non-master files
AnnotateGo to the Annotate page.All files
Public linksDisplay or add public links.All files
Use direct linkDirect link to asset.All files
DeleteDelete the file.Non-master files

Add an Entity history component

To add an Entity history component:

  1. On the menu bar, click Manage .

  2. On the Manage page, click Pages.

  3. On the Pages page, select the details page you want to modify.

  4. On the Layout tab, add the page component.

  5. Click the component to open its details page.

  6. To make the asset file history visible, turn on the File history switch.

  7. To make the metadata history of the asset visible, turn on the Technical log switch.

  8. To disable the deep zoom functionality on the asset preview page, turn on the Disable deepzoom switch.

  9. Click Save.

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