Set up Power Platform

Sitecore Connect for Microsoft D365 Commerce - Content Hub relies on Microsoft Dataverse and Power Platform. Before you can begin synchronizing D365 product data, you must configure Dataverse.

Configure Dataverse tables

When you prepare to configure and install the connector, it is important to determine which D365 tables you need to configure within Dataverse. The connector relies on product data stored in Dataverse for the following entity tables:

  • EcoResProductColorEntity
  • EcoResProductLifecycleStateEntity
  • EcoResProductSizeEntity
  • EcoResProductStyleEntity
  • EcoResProductTranslationEntity
  • EcoResReleasedProductV2Entity
  • EcoResReleasedProductVariantEntity

You must configure dual-write for these entity tables in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Create connection references

After you enable dual-write and configure Dataverse, you need to create a set of connection references to post data to Azure logic app flows.

Configure Cloud flows

After you configure Dataverse, you need to create Power Automate flows that trigger when a change is detected.

With this connector, use the Dataverse When a row is added, modified or deleted trigger to start the workflow, as well as the Get a row by ID action.

The following flows are required for the connector:

  • Released product is added or modified
  • Released product is deleted
  • Released product variant is added or modified
  • Released product variant is deleted
  • Color is added or modified
  • Color is deleted
  • Size is added or modified
  • Size is deleted
  • Style is added or modified
  • Style is deleted

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