Custom CDN behavior

The following describes the caching behavior of a public link request, in a solution with a custom content delivery network (CDN):

  • When you request a public link, it is cached for a day in the browser and on the CDN.

  • If you request that public link again the same day, the file is fetched from your browser cache.

  • If another user requests the same public link on the same day, they receive the cached public link from the CDN, without any call to the Sitecore Content Hub server.

  • Files that you access via public links are cached by your browser for 24 hours. After this period, the CDN cache also expires, so if you request a previously accessed public link after that period, the CDN requests it from the Content Hub server again. Depending on the ETag value in the If-None-Match header, one of the following happens:

    • If the ETag is still valid, the server returns a 304 Not Modified response code. This indicates that the cached resource is still valid and can be used for another 24 hours.

    • If the ETag is no longer valid, the server sends a new resource to be cached.

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