Data backup

Sitecore Content Hub has a documented backup policy for all data. We have taken steps so that the backup is not hosted on the same PaaS/IaaS infrastructure as the primary data. If the backups are hosted, then the backup system is maintained by a different provider.

We provide thirty days of backup with a 12-hour recovery time objective and a 24-hour recovery point objective (maximum time values). In the cloud environment of Content Hub, resources have the following specific backup rules.



Redis DB

Redis DB backups are scheduled to execute every night. They are retained daily for one month and weekly for 52 weeks.


ElasticSearch index backups are retained for three weeks since they hold append-only data.

Object locking

Content Hub assets are stored on Azure storage accounts, which host binary large objects within containers. To protect the storage accounts from deletion, Content Hub implements the Azure object locking technique. It prevents a storage account from accidental deletion both by software or human intervention.


For further information, see Lock resources to prevent unexpected changes.

Geo-redundant storage

Content Hub assets are stored in General Records Schedule (GRS) replicated storage accounts. This replication checks that all data is synchronized to another data center in a secondary region. The data is available as read-only if Microsoft initiates a failover from the primary and secondary regions.

Soft deletion

In the Azure storage account binary large object containers, assets are protected with a soft deletion mechanism. This soft deletion means actual deletions are delayed for a certain amount of time:

  • Production blobs are hard deleted after 30 days.

  • QA blobs are hard deleted after 7 days.

  • DEV blobs are immediately deleted.


For further information, see Soft delete for blobs.

Data escrow

For offsite data protection, you can opt in for a data escrow option to make sure data is backed up and available on an independent cloud platform. In this case, Redis database and storage blobs are replicated to storage on the independent platform.

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