Create or update publishing conditions

You can use conditions to control which entity definitions are published and when. Within publishing conditions, you can:

  • For each definition, create rules based on related entity values, such as M.Final.LifeCycle.Status* is *Approved.
  • Use AND/OR operators to combine conditions and create more precise rules. With the AND operator, all conditions must be met. With the OR operator, at least one of the conditions must be met.
  • Use the All/Any global operators between conditions. All matches all conditions, Any matches any conditon.
  • Group conditions by creating nested conditions.

You can also define a publication date.

To create or update publishing conditions:

  1. On the menu bar, click Manage Manage icon.

  2. On the Manage page, click Delivery platform.

  3. On the Delivery platform page, in the left pane, next to the entity definition you want to add publishing conditions to, click one of the following icons:

    • Not published icon - publishing is disabled in the delivery platform and the entity definition is unpublished.
    • Enabled for publishing icon - pubishing is enabled in the delivery platform and the entity definition is published with conditions.
    • Enabled for publishing icon - publishing is enabled in the delivery platform and the entity definition is published without conditions.
  4. In the Delivery platform settings dialog box, turn on the Enable in delivery platform switch if it is not already on.

  5. To add a condition, in the Publishing conditions section, click + Condition.

    A grey box appears, representing a new condition.

  6. In the grey box, select the definition member for the condition.

  7. Select an operator and, if applicable, select the Match case check box.

  8. If applicable, select whether the entity definition matches all or any of the conditions.

  9. Click Done:


    You can click and drag the reorder icon icon for a condition to change its position.


    You can add a nested condition within an existing condition by clicking + Condition, or Make group plus-icon. If you add nested conditions, make sure to select whether to include each condition as AND or OR.

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