To deliver content to your various channels, you publish the schema and entity definitions from the Delivery platform page in Sitecore Content Hub. This makes entities visible in the delivery platform to be further transformed, loaded, and used in Experience Edge.


The Delivery platform page is available from the Manage page only if publishing is enabled in the settings.


We strongly recommend that you use the Delivery platform page to manage the publication of entity definitions and members. It shows all the entity definitions (including those that are system-owned), and their members, which you can publish or unpublish, except for excluded definitions. You can also do this from the Schema page, but this page does not show the system-owned definitions.

Publishing flows

The following diagrams illustrate the stages in the schema and entity publishing flows. Publishing is handled using logs and queues.

Publishing status

The following table lists possible publishing statuses.

Enabled for publishing Enabled for publishing icon. When you enable an entity definition for publishing, it makes the related entities and schemas visible and usable in the delivery platform.
Not published Not published icon. The entity definition is not yet published to the delivery platform.
Unsaved changes Updating icon. The entity definition has unsaved draft changes in Sitecore Content Hub.
Unpublished changes Changes not published icon. The entity definition has changes that are not published to content delivery.
Updating publishing status Updating icon. Awaiting confirmation of that entity definition is published to delivery platform or removed from it.
Published Successful icon. The entity definition is successfully published to the delivery platform.
Publish failed Errors icon. Publishing to delivery platform failed.
Unpublish failed Errors icon. Unpublishing from delivery platform failed.

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