Download assets from a public collection page

To publish and share a collection, you generate a link that redirects the user to a public collection page. From this page, you can download the assets in the collection, either all at once or one by one. Downloads come in a ZIP file.


Localizations are not supported in the public collection download.

To download assets from a public collection page:

  1. Click or copy the generated link to open the external download page for the collection.

  2. On the public collection page:

    • To download all the assets in the collection, in the top-right corner of the page, click Download all.

    • To download a single asset in the collection, on the asset thumbnail, click Download processing images and then click the rendition you want to download.


There is no preview available for video assets in a shared public collection, so you can’t watch a video asset without downloading it. The preview image of a video asset is a static image, which includes a watermark that cannot be removed.

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