Entity visualization options

Sitecore Content Hub provides entity visualization options in Search components that use the taxonomy definitions associated with the entity. This feature adds visualization properties to all taxonomy definitions as well as some entity definitions, and extends the Search component output templates to reflect these changes. These visualization properties are used in the Search component output.

Icon and color configuration

You can assign an icon and a color:


There is a rich set of icons that you can choose from. To find an icon, you can use keywords (for example, car).


You can select a color from the list of available colors.


The Theme color option dynamically applies the main color selected for the user theme.

Search configuration and output

The Search component Output tab includes visualization options for icon and color.


You can use the entity visualization options with all Search component output templates (for example, Grid, List, Table, and so on).

The image property has two options:

  • Thumbnail

  • Icon

Thumbnail option

The Thumbnail option displays the thumbnail (master image) of the entity if it is available.


If the Image property is set to Thumbnail, but there is no master image available for an entity, the Icon option is used instead.

Icon option

The Icon option displays icons instead of thumbnails, as configured in the icon and color properties.

You can apply icons from a taxonomy relation or from the entity itself.

Add icon field

You can add icon fields as indicators in the search output. After you select the relevant taxonomy definition, various display formats are available.

Display formats include:

  • Badge This option displays the indicators as colored badges on the entities.

  • Relation This option displays the indicators as clickable links on the entities. Clicking on the link redirects the user to the configured detail page.

  • Colored icon This option displays the indicators as colored icons.

  • Colored label This option displays the indicators as colored labels. The labels in the grid are the ones configured in the taxonomy item.

  • Colored icon and label This option displays the indicators as colored icons and labels. The labels in the grid are the ones configured in the taxonomy item.

Visualization when using non-taxonomy relations

A relation that is not a taxonomy does not render icon options or label options because the visualization requires an Entity.Visualization property.

To create the Entity.Visualization property:

  1. On the menu bar, click Manage .

  2. On the Manage page, click Schema.

  3. On the Schema page, select the definition to which you want to add the Entity.Visualization property, for example, M.Asset.

  4. On the asset definition page, click New member.

  5. In the New member dialog:

    • Next to Property, click Select.

    • From the data types drop-down menu, select JSON.

    • Click Next.

    • On the General information tab, in the Name field, enter Entity.Visualization.

    • Make sure the Allow updates switch is turned on.

    • Specify additional fields as required and click Save.

  6. Publish the new member. If you navigate to an entity to which the Entity.Visualization member has been added, you see the Entity-Visualization section.

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