CMP Flow

When a content item moves from the Ideation flow to the CMP flow, it starts in the To do state. The content lifecycle begins with the creation process when you click Start. There are five states in the CMP flow, as described in the following table.

StateDescriptionState changes
To doBy default, this is the first state in the CMP flow once content enters the CMP flow.Once you click Start, the content item moves to the In progress state.
In progressIn this state, you refine the content until you are ready to send it for review.When you click Send for review, the content item moves to the In review state where it is ready for editors or approvers to accept or reject the content.
In reviewIn this state, the content item is ready to be reviewed by editors or content approvers.If the content is rejected, it returns to the In progress state. If the content is approved, it enters the Ready to publish state.
Ready to publishIn this state, the content item sits waiting to be archived or, if the content needs to be reworked, to be sent back to the start of the CMP flow.The content item can be archived or reset to In progress.
ArchivedIn this state, the content item is removed and stored.

Even though content has reached the end of its lifecycle, you can still unarchive it and set it to Ready to publish again.

CMP flow


When a content item is created through an MRM project, it is automatically assigned the In progress state. The Ready to publish state is assigned once the content item is approved through a task.

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