In Sitecore Content Hub, you can use annotations to review content, provide feedback, and collaborate with others. You can add annotations to images and documents (such as PDFs, Word files, or Powerpoint files). When an asset has existing annotations, an indicator on the asset details page next to the Annotate icon displays the number of annotations.


You can also add annotations to video or audio files.

The following table describes the available annotation tools:

Use these tools to add emphasis to text-based documents. Each text tool has presets that you can modify according to your needs (color, opacity, and so on):

  • Highlight

  • Underline

  • Strikeout

  • Squiggly

In the following example, the reviewer used the Note, Squiggly, Rectangle, Highlight, and Free Hand tools to annotate a document.

Annotation examples on an asset.

View controls

You can use the following tools to adjust how the asset appears in the annotation viewer:

Resize actionsAdjust the magnification using one of the following options:
  • Fit to width - adjust to fit the width of the image inside the current view.
  • Fit to page - adjust to fit the full image inside the current view.
  • Preset values (10%, 25%, 50%, and so on) - adjust to the chosen percentage.
  • Marquee Zoom - Draw a selection over the image and fit that selection inside the current view.
View Controls Change the page transition, orientation, or layout.
Pan When the image is magnified, click-and-drag to control the position of the image in the viewer.
Zoom out Reduce the magnification level in the viewer.
Zoom in Increase the magnification level in the viewer.

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